Personalize your rental Apartment with our innovative
+dens lifestyled floorplans.

Camby Introduces
Multi-functional bonus spaces

+DENS is an in-suite multi-functional bonus space that gives you the freedom and flexibility to explore your passions and make this space work for you.

Work Den image

+ Work

Dedicated space for
an efficient home
office, fostering
and focus.

Play Den image

+ Play

Dedicated space for
gaming and
hosting nights with
friends and family.

Learn Den image

+ Learn

A quiet and focused
environment for
engaging in online
learning, webinars
networking, and more.

Create Den image

+ Create

A vibrant and inspiring
artistic space, where
creativity can flourish
and develop.

Unwind Den image

+ Unwind

Serves as a peaceful
and invigorating
yoga space, providing
a serene area to
practice mindfulness.